Knee Pain and Knee Injuries

Over the years I have written a number of blogs on knee pain and knee injuries, highlighting how and why they occur e.g. Runners Knee. In this blog I would like to focus on two areas of the body that can cause knee pain and knee injuries if not maintained well, in terms of strength and flexibility.

If you are suffering from knee pain one of the first areas you want to look at is the Quad muscles. If the Quad muscles are not functioning correctly due to weakness or tightness they can cause the knee cap to track incorrectly, thus causing knee pain and knee injuries.

The first and easiest form of treatment if you feel your Quad muscles are tight is to Form Roll your Quads. I have written in the past of the importance to Foam Roll your body regularly and I have a video in the link on how to Foam Roll your lower body.

The second way to ensure your Quads are functioning correctly is to ensure they are strong enough and the 3 Quads muscles are working in synergy with each other. If one of the Quad muscles is weaker or not firing the way it should be, then this can also cause the knee cap to track incorrectly. Below is a video on a number of Quad exercises you can do at home to help ensure you are keeping the Quad muscle strong.

The second area to address is the glute muscles, the main reason we want to look at the Glute muscles is to ensure the stability of the hip as we walk and run. Again any weakness in the Glute muscles can lead to a Valgus strain on the knee, which over time can cause knee pain and knee injuries. I have written about the importance of the Glute muscles in previous blogs. I have attached a quick video of some great Glute activation exercises that are good to help maintain Glute strength and can be used to help activate the glutes before you head out for a walk or run.

The final area to look at if you are suffering from any knee pain and knee injuries is the foot and ankle. This is to ensure you have the stability and mobility within the foot and ankle to ensure the foot is not pronating as you walk or run. Check out a previous blog on Ankle Stability to learn more on this topic.

Low Back Pain

Earlier in the month I was contacted by a client who had right sided low back pain, with pain travelling down her leg. The clients elderly mother had spent the Christmas period with her and her mother needed assistance when walking.

My client spent the Christmas period with her mother leaning on her right side as they walked every day. The client had a history of low back pain that would flare up from time to time, this low back issue was further aggravated by the additional pressure put on her right side. On examination the client had a very weak lower back and very little core strength.

After 2 treatment sessions the client symptoms fully subsided but I insisted she look at improving her core and low back strength. I spent a few sessions teaching her how to activate her pelvic floor while maintaining a neutral pelvis, we progressed further with with basics Pilates exercises.

Below is a short video of basic Pilates exercises to assisted with Low Back Pain and strengthening the low back.

Please share this video with anyone you feel would benefit from trying the exercises or alternatively attend one of our Pilates classes.

Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan

Are you suffering from low back pain? do you have a weak back or ongoing low back pain that can flare up regularly. Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan can help with the Pilates video below.

The video is designed to help with Low Back Pain, the Pilates exercises are designed to strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower back, while also helping increase mobility and flexibility, and reduce Low Back Pain.

If you are suffering from an acute episode of low back pain, you are also experiencing a lot of low back stiffness, doing the Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan exercises regularly will slowly help to ease out the stiffness in the lower back. The Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan can also help reduce the pain. When doing the exercises stay within your pain range, you  should not irritate your symptoms any further.

If you are just trying to keep your back healthy do the Low Back Pain Pilates Lucan exercises once or twice a day, again do not cause yourself any pain and build on the reps per exercise.

If your symptoms persist, or become more severe stop these exercises and seek assistance from a qualified therapist. If you would like to learn more about our Pilates Lucan classes why not come along to one of our 6 week courses or drop in for a trial class.


Shoulder Pain Exercises

I have written quite a few blogs on Shoulder Pain, Rotator Cuff Issues and general Chronic Shoulder pain, with that in mind I did a couple of simple videos for some of the exercises I have discussed in these blogs.

The first exercise is for early stage rotator cuff rehab and involves Internal and External Rotation exercises, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the rotator cuff tht both internally and externally rotate the shoulder joint.

The Cheerleader Exercise is an easy way to do the YTW exercise, at home using a theraband. The Cheerleader exercise helps to strengthen the trapezius muscles while also helping to create a stronger subscapular muscle. A strong subscapular muscle is required to assist with Internal rotation while also helping to stablise the scapula during shoulder movements

If you are suffering from any shoulder pain please contact us for an assessment and tailored treatment and rehab plan.