Keeping You Moving Series

At we want to keep you pain and injury free through our Keeping You Moving Series.

We recently posted about a study that found the best thing you can do to prevent episodes of low back pain is to exercise, it does not matter what type of exercise you do, as long as you are moving or in simple terms... Keep Moving.

We are doing an exercise series, Keeping You Moving which is a compilation of simple exercises, we will post a new exercise every Friday which you can do each day. They will vary in difficultly and will be a mix of full body or isolated exercises.

They are designed to be fun, some will be harder than others but lets start moving. Check out our Facebook page for your weekly exercise.





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How Pilates has improved my Saxaphone playing

So today I asked one of our clients how she was getting on in our Body Maintenance Pilates classes and to my amazement she responded by saying "they are great, they are really helping my with my saxophone lessons".  This has to be one of the more interesting ways in which our Body Maintenance Pilates  classes have helped our clients.

We were intrigued and asked her, in what way have the classes helped her? She went on to explain that she can hold a note longer (increased lung capacity), one of the lessons is to hold a note as long as you can with the one breath.

Before she would have been one of the first to run out of breath, but now she is able to out last most  of the others in the class. So why is this? well we can speculate that due to the amount of focus we put on diaphragmatic breathing, has helped her increase her lung capacity. By training to use your diaphragm to draw air in and not just your chest and neck muscles, you will increase the volume of air you draw in and utilise the full capacity of the lungs.

The second area she said it has helped is to enable her to practice longer, she found that when sitting practicing she tended to slump forward after an hour . She now feels she can support herself better and practice longer without slumping. By developing a stronger core the body can support itself longer without the use of the back of a chair.

Incidentally this slumping would also restrict her lung capacity, so the combination of core strength and breathing exercises would have contributed to both of these improvements in her saxaphone lessons. She has been attending our Body Maintenance Pilates classes for 2 months and can definitely attribute the improvements to the classes.

So if you want to improve your saxaphone playing, develop core strength and get fitter and stronger, check out our Body Maintenance Classes.

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New Timetable of Pilates Classes Lucan

We are delighted to announce our New Timetable of Pilates Classes Lucan, our New timetable of classes will start Monday 4th January 2016.

Following on from talking to our clients we are introducing these new classes:

  • Monday 6:45pm Beginners Level Class
  • Intro OfferSaturday 10:30am Mixed Level Class


You can see our new Timetable and book your Pilates classes by clicking this link.

If you are new to our classes we have a great Introductory Offer of Unlimited Classes for 4 weeks for just €59. 

We have a number of Body Maintenance Classes running during the week. Our classes are a mix of Pilates, Mobility and Flexibility, specifically designed to help make you stronger, prevent injury and pain.

Contact us to book your class or avail of our Introductory Offer.

Hamstring Injury and Prevention

Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention

At we see a lot of Hamstring Injuries and as a result get asked a lot about Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention.

While there is a lot known about Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention, unfortunately the incidence has not diminished. Research has shown that not all hamstring injuries are the same and that certain types of Hamstring injuries require prolonged rehabilitation and return to play programs.

We are often asked how long will it take to recover, again the research is quite inconclusive on this, while it is believed the main tendon (Bicep Femoris) takes longer to recover, there is no one answer, each hamstring injury is different and needs to be treated as such.

Similarly we are often asked how can you prevent a hamstring injury and re injury, various tests have been proposed as predictors of hamstring injury but the evidence is conflicting.

Unfortunately re-injury rates remain high but it is now thought that strength deficits may be an important factor, also strengthening exercise should be performed with the hamstrings in a lengthened position. 

Research has shown that hamstring rehabilitation programs that does not include eccentric loading can leave the muscle to be weak, again these exercises should be done with the muscle in a lengthen position, some exercises that are good examples of this are the Nordic Hamstring Exercise (NHE), the Romanian Dead Lift and Askling's ‘extender’, ‘diver’ and ‘glider’ exercises, these are now becoming the main post injury rehabilitation.


Nordic exercise is an eccentric exercise and research has shown that  the hamstring is best served to be rehabbed in a lengthen position, again the Nordic exercise is lengthening the muscle while under load. This exercise has shown to reduce hamstring injuries by up to 2/3, this was based on a small study of professional footballers.



It would be good to include these exercises as part of your Hamstring Injury Treatment and Prevention protocol, consider them as part of your training sessions.

If you would like to learn more or book in for a treatment please contact us.


Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers

Stuck for gift ideas, our Gift Vouchers are great for someone who wants to Be Stronger, Fitter and Pain Free. If you know someone that would benefit from attending our Body Maintenance Classes or would like one of our Deep Tissue / Sports Massages, you can purchase Gift Voucher @

You can choose from our Body Maintenance Class Passes, Introductory Offer and Deep Tissue / Sports Massage
- 6 Class pass €70
- 10 Class Pass €100
- Introductory Offer €59 - unlimited classes for 4 weeks
- Deep Tissue / Sports Massage €50

Call us to order 086 8318931 / 01 6283827

Chronic Neck Pain Lucan

Chronic Neck Pain Lucan

A recent study looked at Chronic Neck Pain Lucan in 100 females who have to do at least 4 hours typing a day. The study found that doing a number of specific exercises for the neck muscles can help reduce the effects of neck pain.

The study showed that Chronic Neck Pain Lucan can impair the function of the muscles in the neck, which in turn effects how the neck can support the head and movement.

When the neck can not support the head or movement the deep neck muscles fatigue easily. The neck will also have difficulty controlling the position of the head and neck on the shoulders. This can lead to a more forward head position, this has been seen regardless of what sitting posture you adapt.

During the course of this study it was shown when exercising the deep neck flexor muscles there was a decrease in Chronic Neck Pain and may improve the position of the head.

One of the exercises used in the study was cranio-cervical flexion or Chin Tucks, this exercise is used to activate and train the deep neck flexor muscles. Below is a short video on how to perform the exercise and a simple progression of the exercise.

Deep Neck Flexor Exercises

If you are suffering from Chronic Peck Pain or Forward Head Posture please contact us and we will be happy to assist with an assessment and treatment.

Pilates Lucan

Healthy HIT Pilates Lucan

Are you looking to get fit and healthy and looking for a New challenge? at we have great New class... Healthy HIT Pilates Lucan program.

This is the perfect class if you are looking for another weekly training session that will enhance your sports performance and help prevent injury!!

This new Healthy HIT Pilates Lucan program is an all round fitness program, that gives you the amazing aerobic benefits of High Intensity Training with a Pilates focus on core, precision and control.

The programme includes 6 x 40 minute classes and on-going testing so you can keep track of your improving fitness.

Classes take place in our studio on Wednesday evenings 6:45pm - 7:30pm, you can book your class through our Booking Page.

HIT (High Intensity Training) is a fantastic concept, however many people completing HIT programs have poor technique and work to a level that their bodies may not be capable of.

The Healthy HIT Pilates Lucan programme has been deigned to ensure that the same benefits of the HIT physiology are achieved but with correct form, function and ensuring you stay Injury Free.

The Healthy HIT Pilates Lucan programme is on its way to changing the face of Pilates! Book your class NOW!

Beginner Pilates Classes Lucan

We have a number of Beginner Body Maintenance Classes running during the week. These beginner Pilates classes are a great way to experience Pilates for the first time, understand the main principles of Pilates, and see how Pilates can help make you stronger and prevent injury and pain.

Who is this class suitable for?

This Beginner Pilates class is suitable for those of you who have never done Pilates before and are curious about how it could help you.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise, that conditions and specifically targets your deep core muscles. Good core stability and strength is essential in developing Injury Free and Pain Free bodies.

Our Body Maintenance classes combine Pilates, Mobility and Flexibility techniques to improve your overall strength and maintain your body in great working order.

Do you run other classes & do I need to book?

You can look at our full weekly online class schedule. To do this simply click this link to view it and to book your place. If however you would prefer to drop-in to any of our classes that is also possible. We offer full class passes for when you book classes in bulk as well as drop-in rates all of which can be found via that link.

Who teaches the class?

All our Pilates instructors are Physical Therapists and we cater for all levels from the complete Beginner to Advanced.



Good Core Strength and Improving your Swimming with

Core Strength is all the rage at the minute and we are going to talk about Good Core Strength and Improving your Swimming with Most of you know it is important to have good core strength to help prevent injury and improve sports performance.

Unfortunately while you probably have good strength from all the training you do, you need to know how to engage your core and utilise the strength effectively. I know from my own swimming classes I am told that a good swim stroke technique must be fluid and relaxed, with your arm and kicking action also being nice and relaxed.

However, this is where this ends, I find engaging my core helps to stablise my swim stroke, improve my body alignment in the water, and connect my arms and kick to develop a better technique.

Simply by lightly drawing your belly button in will engage your core more, and by activating (squeezing) your glutes a little will help improve the strength of your kick. Squeezing the glutes will also help the alignment of your legs in the water, keeping them higher so as they are not weighing you down.

It is important to only activate core and glutes lightly and this takes practice, it is also a lot more tiring so you need to build up your core endurance so this becomes your bodies natural position when swimming.



One simple exercise to try is a front plank, keeping shoulders tucked back and down, curl your toes under you, stay relaxed through shoulders and draw your belly button in slightly so as you feel your core engaging, squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the floor so as your back is flat and hips are level.

If you are not able to do this or can’t hold this position for any length of time, we would recommend attending some of our Body Maintenance classes.


You may find it challenging to learn to engage the core, at we run Body Maintenance classes that are mix of Pilates, Mobility and Flexibility. The classes are designed to build core strength and endurance, you will also learn to tune into your body so as you can activate and draw on your core strength.

In addition to helping you develop great core strength, the classes will also improve your overall posture, balance and strength. Please conact us at Lucan if you wish to book in for a class. We are Expanding and Rebranding

As you may be aware Range of Motion Physical Therapy is re branding as with a view to focusing on educating our clients on the importance of maintaining your body in good working order to help prevent injury.

We are delighted to announce that we have leased the unit next door to our physical therapy clinic at Gandon Mews (Image above). We will be renovating the unit to create a modern, warm and welcoming studio, which will enable us to offer our clients a full timetable of classes throughout the week.

As part of our injury prevention services we are introducing a number of classes to help to target and improve Core Strength, Flexibility and Mobility. Classes will be suitable for all levels with specialist classes for Over 55's / HIIT classes etc

We will also be running specialist workshops around Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Training Tips and lots of other interesting topics, let us know if there is a topic you would like to learn more about. Keep on eye on our Facebook page for updates and information.

We are planning to have an open day and relaunch of our clinic and studio in September with a full timetable of classes available to clients from September. 

Watch this space for more exciting updates...