If it is the first time you are trying Pilates it can be a bit daunting!

But for some reason, people think that pilates classes come with an extra air of “avoid this unless you are fit, and flexible”

This is probably what we hear the most, people are nervous about starting a course of Pilates, they feel they are not fit enough to start or have an injury. One of the benefits of Pilates is it is a low impact, low intensity workout.

This makes it perfect for beginners or people recovering from an injury, it is also allows you build up your strength slowly over a number of weeks at your own pace. There are quite a few clients attending classes with some issue and our experienced instructors know how to modify exercises for the individual’s restriction and issues.

Want to know what to expect during your first few classes? Here’s our Beginners Guide to Pilates that will help you be prepared and be able to enjoy your first class:

There are two types of pilates classes @ – Mat & Reformer classes

Depending on which class you choose to start with either mat, or Reformer both options focus on the concept of control and full body strength. In pilates, your muscles are working against your body weight and with the Reformer you will also be working against resistance springs and bands.

Our Reformer classes can look intimating with the springs and straps on the machines  and our mat classes can seem a bit confusing with the different names of the moves and trying to remember to breath!

Whether you’re on the mat or reformer machine, you can start as a complete beginner, you don’t need to have done any mat classes before you can start Reformer and vice versa.

Both types of class will give you a great core workout targeting muscles you never knew you had!

Many clients love the feeling of being on a reformer – the machine gives you added flexibility and mobility while also challenging your strength giving you a great workout.

Regardless of which class you try, your goal should be to go at your pace, be guided by our excellent instructors, breath and enjoy your class.

Feeling the burn and being sore the next day!

Pilates is a low intensity workout so you won’t be jumping around doing Jumping Jacks or Squats, Pilates is made up of mostly bodyweight exercises targeting specific smaller muscle groups in a controlled way.

If you feel sore the next day this is normal and is called the DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) and is common after trying a new exercise routine, these aches will ease over a day or two.

Don’t forget your Grippy socks!

We suggest you wear tighter fitting cloths such as leggings or shorts and t-shirt so as you feel free to move and stretch during the class, you will warm up quickly!

We also recommend you wear grippy socks to help with your workout and give you more support while on the mat and reformer, if you don’t have any socks you can purchase some in studio on your arrival!

Expect to hear strange lingo!

Pilates has it own set of terminology, you will hear our instructors say things like such as “engage your pelvic floor” but don’t panic you will get used to what these mean and shown how they help guide you through your class ensuring you are targeting the correct muscle groups.